6 Ways to Prevent Portable Basketball Hoop from Getting Stolen

how to prevent portable basketball hoop from getting stolen

If you live in a neighborhood where the crime rate is higher than usual than maybe it’s a smart idea to read a few tips on how to prevent portable basketball hoop from getting stolen.

Unfortunately, I recently experienced a burglary. They stole some tools, DVD’s, two pairs of new basketball shoes and some of the expansive wines. They probably wanted to celebrate their miserable life. Later I found tools somewhere around the house. Guess it was too heavy after all, or the wine was more important.

Feeling of getting robbed sucks, so it’s probably better to do everything you can so it doesn’t happen to you.

Now, of course, it’s easiest to lock it up somewhere. But sometimes this just isn’t possible, so you need to protect it outside.

Without further ado, here are the six best ways to protect your portable basketball hoop from getting stolen.

1. Use P-Locks Anchoring System

This is probably the best idea of all six. P-Locks Anchoring System is made for heavy-duty demands. The company has fantastic customer service, you don’t even need tools, and it’s easy to install.

They usually use this one for utility trailers, kites, or even small aircraft. It’s steel at its best. If someone comes with a horizontal force higher than 2900 lbs, which is the maximum force required to pull out this anchoring system, let him take it. Trust us; this won’t happen.

2. Move it in the backyard or behind the house

If your hoop’s not too big, it’s best to move it somewhere where it’s not so visible like on the driveway. Call a neighbor or two when you want to play and let them help you run it from there to the driveway or street.

To the people who actually have a backyard, this is the cheapest and also the most straightforward option. But, if you’re having back problems, don’t move it anywhere and read on, you need something else. We recommend option number four.

3. If you have a tree or fence post around, do this

Just tie a chain around a tree or any heavy stationary object, and attach the other end around the portable basketball hoop base.

If you don’t have a chain, this 26-pound chain with a working load limit of 7,100 pounds should do it. But watch it, if you have more than 10 feet around the tree and the base, you might need a bigger one. It should also be noted that it’s a 4/1 safety factor, which is excellent.

And regarding locks, this Master Lock Padlock should be just enough for keeping it safe overnight for a long time.

4. Install a security camera

When you’re a parent, you understand why it’s the best that you know what’s happening around your house. If you’re out of town, security camera gives you peace of mind.

With a portable basketball hoop, it might be to identify strange behavior before the steal happens.

This REOLINK Argus 2 Outdoor Wireless Security Camera w/ Rechargeable Battery streams your video right to your files and stores it for later playback. Plus, it has an SD Card for a backup. It won editor’s choice award from PC Magazin and its top seller in wireless security cameras.

how to prevent portable basketball hoop from getting stolen

5. Install security lights

I’ve been keeping my external light on for a long time, and I was planning to add a few motion sensor lights. I was thinking about something durable and long lasting, so I did a little research and finally ordered LEPOWER’S.

It supposedly has a long life rating of 50,000 hours and is consistent in excellent performance. They also give you one year warranty, and money back guarantees for quality problem. Will give you an update on how good it is. If you can’t afford a security camera, maybe you should go for this option.

6. Cover the hoop with a black car cover

It’s simple if you think about it. Just make that it fits with the rest of the surroundings and don’t make it too visible. This way, drunk teenagers won’t even notice it overnight. Here’s the simple black car cover that will do the work.

It’s important that it covers the upper part of a portable basketball hoop, which means the backboard and the rim. If your basketball hoop is located in front of a white background, use this one from Kayme  if you don’t have any at home.

Options with Cement

If you live in a too dangerous area, you might even want to consider buying an in-ground permanent basketball hoop. It’s better to secure your investment like this than to always worry about it getting stolen.

  • Place the chain over the base and cement it into the ground. Those who come to steal it would have to rip the chain off the ground. This might be the safest solution.
  • Put the cement into a portable basketball hoop base. (Not recommendable. Here’s the right way to fill out the support base.)

Guys, there you have it, easy ways to prevent portable basketball hoop from getting stolen. Now you don’t have excuses if someone takes your hoop. Stay safe and watch your stuff, you bought it.